Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday Pizza and Movie Night

Poor Andrew was outnumbered 8 to 1 by girls. He's the ladies man!

Tug-of-war for who gets the blanket. Although, Crew is fiesty he usually ends up losing because Griffin is so much stronger.

Classic Skating

A couple of weekends ago we went roller skating for my cousin McKinley's birthday party. The kids loved it, Ava pushed Griffin around the rink in circles for an hour, perfectly entertained them both. Thanks aunt Jeri and uncle Steve for having a fun party there every year!

Ava even tried the skates for a minute!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a mess

Seriously, I can barely keep up with the messes these little guys make all day when I don't keep my eye on them both every second.
Crew has the most mischievious look when I catch him doing something he's not supposed to. He thinks it's funny and he loves being a mess so that doesn't even phase him! He thought he made a nice picture on the side of the cabinet with the yogurt.

Griffin's thinking... don't worry i'll stay here until I eat it all gone ...and he really would!

Ava is into feeding the boys their dinner, so I let her while I get dinner made even though it is a big mess, she entertains them and they think she's funny. It will actually be nice when she is old enough to start helping me more with them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Happy Birthday to Lacey (yesterday) and Lindey (tomorrow)! All the girls went to lunch on Friday at Brick Oven to celebrate! The waiter guessed that Lacey was 28 and Lindey was 16 so way to go, you guys look years younger than you really are! Thanks for being cute, fun sisters. Hope you both have a good one!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hungry Ducks

Aunt Katherine had told us that there were tons of ducks to feed at the Botany Pond at BYU so we went to try it out because Ava loves feeding the ducks. There were so many ducks, they just swarm you the second you get out of the car with the bread. So, if anyone is looking for somewhere to feed millions of ducks, that's the place to go...and make sure you take lots and lots of bread!

Griffin couldn't throw the bread any farther than by his feet so all the ducks stayed close to him!

Ava had to jump up on the bench to avoid being attacked holding the bag of bread!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Tadd and Caityln had found a good tubing spot on Gladstan Golf Course by her parents house so we went up to try it out! It was a nice day to go, not too cold! Everyone had fun, thanks mom for staying in with the boys so we didn't have to bundle them all up!

Uncle Tadd grabbed Ava and went down with her because she was being whimpy and she laughed the whole way down!

We went down with Ava a couple of times and then sent her by herself and she tipped over and that was the end of that, she didn't want to go anymore. She just wanted me to hold her on my lap and watch.

Orangeville for a visit

We went to Orangeville for the day to visit my grandpa. He is the cutest grandpa, we love him so much and need to be better about going to visit him. He made us homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch which is one of my favorite things he makes.

Almost everything about the house is still the same as when we would always visit. I remember playing with some of the same toys when we were little.

Thank heaven for all the kids falling asleep for the two hour car ride home. None of them made a peep.

After Christmas Fun

The day after Christmas we had our cousin and adult gift exchange and then the kids played outside in the snow for a bit. We made a small (really small, but they thought it was great)sledding hill for them to go down and play on. In the evening we all went bowling and then had pizza and chinese food at grandma and papa's.

Ava didn't stay out for long and then wanted to come in and have hot chocolate! She just likes to stir it around and eventually got most of it on her shirt rather than drinking it!

Merry Christmas

The boys were interested in opening a couple of gifts and then they just wanted to play!

Papa made Ava a cradle for her dolls which she loves and has next to her bed to put her dolls to sleep every night. Thanks papa for doing that for her!

Santa brought Ava her chit-chen. She was so excited!

Christmas Eve we had homemade chicken noodle soup dinner at my parents and then went over to the church for the program. Afterward we opened our pj's and then played Christmas bingo and watched "The Light Before Christmas" before leaving cookies and milk out for Santa and then off to bed!