Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gateway Discovery Museum

Last week was Spring Break for everyone so we went and did a couple of fun things (even though we didn't really have Spring Break because our kids aren't in school yet, we still called it that). I had been wanting to take the kids up to the Gateway Discovery Museum sometime so when Kris and Kecia called wondering if we wanted to go it was perfect! The kids loved it and had a great time, and Chris even came with us for a few hours before he had to do some work in Salt Lake!

Ava loved the shopping part. She said she wanted to shop for corn and that was all, which was funny, but she found some other things that interested her too.

Of course their favorite part was playing in the water and watching the balls go down the tubes.

Lehi Pool Swimming

Since it was a cold yucky day during everyone's spring break and there wasn't much to do outdoors we decided to go swimming.

Gotta love that body!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Griffin Loves Food

Griffin just has a thing for food, nothing in the world puts a smile on his face faster! He will sit for an hour eating his lunch and savoring every bite! He's always the last one to leave the table, it's so funny!

I'm pretty sure he fed Milo more chips with nacho cheese than he was supposed to have! Milo's learned when we are over at grandma and papa's to stay close by the boys seats because they drop food on purpose off their tray's for him to get. Crew especially does it, he thinks it is so funny.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Why is it so impossible to get one quick picture with everyone looking nice? It's so frustrating to me, I give up! It doesn't help that we have nine o'clock church and are rushing to get there, but still!

Ava with her "o-ster" basket" from the "o-ster" bunny, as she calls it, and her colored "o-ster" eggies!

Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt

We had Easter Sunday dinner with the DeMar's and then another egg hunt, which the kids loved.

The boys were filling their buckets with rocks and putting the eggs they would find back in the plant where they were. Luckily for the other kids it left plenty more eggs for them to find!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo