Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Cabin

Last week we went to the cabin in Midway and spent a few days. They have asked me every day since when we can go back. They had the best time playing and being somewhere else besides home. It was nice to get away for a few days and be with everyone!

Mattress Surfing down the stairs, over and over and over again, their favorite activity of the whole week!

Crew caught squirting his capri sun over the deck. He is always up to some sort of trouble. I don't understand why it is so fun to dump everything out, maybe someday they will be over that phase?

Crew kept asking to go on a walk with a stick, whatever that means, so as he never lets things go and forgets after naps one afternoon we all found sticks and took went on a walk with a stick.

Drive-In Movie

Who doesn't love a nice warm summer night, pizza and a drive-in movie. We saw ToyStory 3, it was a cute movie! The kids all jammed in Kris's truck and nobody even fell asleep the whole movie, they were in heaven!

Hike to Bridal Veil and a picnic

A few Friday's ago Katherine called and was biking up the canyon and going to do a small walk to Bridal Veil so we drove in our car and met them. I only wish I was ambitious enough to bike the kids up there but I'm not so we drove. It was such a nice morning, the kids had so much fun running along the trail and seeing the waterfall and then having a picnic lunch!

Lyla was in the Bjorn and Blythe said it's the "baby Lyla package." It was so cute she thought it looked like a little package for her to be in!

Splash Park

After our little hike to Bridal Veil we went home and had naps and then met the cousins at the splash park later in the afternoon. The kids had a great time splashing around and playing together!

Griffin and his pile of snacks, he just goes for the treats!

Dog pile on uncle Eugene!

Trip to the Zoo

Lyla's First Sucker

Lyla had her first sucker compliments of cousin Ellie and Mazie and she loved it!

Lyla has the biggest smiles these days. She has to smile with her whole body, it's so cute, she just can't hold still.

United Angels Foundation Walk

We participated in the United Angels Foundation Walk for families of children with special needs for Lyla and Bree. They truly are our little angels and they are so lucky to have so many family members who came to support and love them. Our team name was "X-tra" Cute Cousins, which fits them perfectly!