Monday, July 28, 2008

"The Kids"

Ava calls Lacey's kids, "the kids" and she loves them so much. She always wants to play with them and be one of the gang. She loves to ride in "the kids car" or uncle Rick's jeep. They are always so nice to play with her! She would spend every minute with them if she could!
When I was pregnant with Ava, Ellie insisted she was a girl and would say "when she is born she is going to love me so much because I talk to her and give her kisses on your tummy" it was so cute, and Ava does love Ellie so much!

Madi is such a good helper with Ava. She always takes her to play and helps her get things she needs and watches her. I really appreciate how nice she is to her!

Pioneer Day

We had a fun holiday! We went to DeMar's for a swim-barbeque in the afternoon, and then to Kimball and Kara's for their block party! It was a fun party, there was a lot of stuff for the kids and a bunch of fun things to do! We had a great time and it's fun to visit with friends that we don't get to see as much these days!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We have had a pretty relaxing summer so far. We usually swim at least a few times a week, take a lunch and play at the park, go for walks, sit outside and eat lots of popcicles and treats and anything else that comes up that sounds fun to do!

Too much swimming and sun!

The Splash Park!

Playing at the Park!

Blowing bubbles with dad!

Ice Cream

Monday night for family night we went to Arctic Circle to get a treat. They boys got their own ice cream cone for the first time and thought it was great, of course, who doesn't like ice cream!

I love Andrew's cowboy boots with shorts, he is so cute!

Monday, July 21, 2008

More Ducks

A couple of years ago on Easter Sunday we found a mom and baby ducks hatching in our yard. They all fell in the window well so Chris got them out and thought it would be fun to raise them for six weeks in our garage until we let them go at the golf course! They were a stinky mess after that long! On Friday we saw a mom and nine more baby ducks in the yard and then in the evening Ava was more than excited to see that they had all fallen in the window well again! This time we called animal control to come get them. As if we need a mom and nine more babies to feed and water at our house every day! I don't know why ducks enjoy our backyard so much!

Ava thought she needed to set some toys up in the window for the ducks to see! She was so excited to look at them while they had a short stay in our window well.

Going to their new home! One of them jumped out into our house and ran around the basement for ten minutes while Chris and the officer tried to catch it! Ava kept saying "carpet", "ducks---yucky!"

Birthday Celebrations

Last week we had a few birthday parties! Happy Birthday to Larry, McKenna, Mazie and Brandt (a couple of weeks ago)! It was fun to celebrate with everyone!

Tuesday night we went to Carrabba's for dinner and then a party for Larry's big 60th B-day!

Wednesday evening we went to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate McKenna's birthday!

and Thursday night we went to Golden Corral for dinner and a birthday party for Mazie!