Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Farm

Yesterday morning we went out to the farm at Thanksgiving Point with Kristen and the kids to check out the animals. Ava was so excited we were going with Gracy, they had a great time together! We walked around and fed the animals, the boys were stuck wanting more and more food out of the machine to feed them, and there was the cutest tiny pony that let the kids pet it for quite a while. We had a good time!

Ava wanted to ride the pony, but once it started walking and moving she was done and wanted me to grab her off.

Ava and Gracy jumped in the stroller when the boys got out. Funny, she never wants to ride when I actually want her to. But if she has to friend to get in with then she's all for it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SummerFest Carnival

Saturday evening we went out to the Orem Carnival. We made it and did most of the rides the kids wanted to before getting in the car and having it start pouring rain, perfect timing thanks to Rick monitoring the rain on his phone, none of us got soaked! Ava had a great time with the kids and going on rides, the boys not so much!

The boys screamed from the second the ride started and didn't stop until we left. Little punks, they are such whimps these days and when one of them starts then of course they both have to cry! We thought they would have fun but we were so wrong!

Afterwards we went for yummy scones at RockyMountain Drive In. They were so good, we used to go there alot when we were younger and hadn't been there for years. We'll have to go back more often! That looks like a don't bother me when i'm eating with a picture face!

One of the kids found this on the floor as we were leaving and Crew decided he was going to take them home with him I guess! Is it bad that we got the camera first before making him put them down? Probably!

Friday, June 12, 2009


There was the prettiest rainbow the other night, my camera didn't do it justice. I guess Ava had never seen a rainbow in person before and she thought it was the greatest. We sat out on the porch and looked at it until it went away. I guess there is something good about all this rain and cold when it's supposed to be warm!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Las Vegas Weekend

Chris and I went to Vegas for a little weekend getaway. We had a great time being able to actually have a conversation without being interrupted by kids and just relaxing and enjoying being together. We went to a couple of shows, did a little shopping and walking around, and ate tons of good food (which is always top on Chris's list when on vacation)! Thanks Shaley for watching the kids for us, I hope you weren't ready to tear your hair out by the time we got back!

We went to David Copperfield and Chris got picked to go up on stage in one of his disappearing acts, luckily he did re-appear at the end! I really can't figure out how they do any of the tricks they do, it makes my mind crazy. It must really be magic!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Buzz Game

Friday evening we went up to the Buzz Game with my family. It was a perfect night for a baseball game!